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Curtis Cowan & Flyer ... Outst
posted in Laredo
by CarolH

Fantastic! Not typical of other CD's in whch there are usually only a few nice songs. Every song within this album is exceptional.
  Ocean3 Put On "Fingerblade" Show At The Brickyard

By Micky & Mallory
Contributing Writer

Photos by Sprout

October 24, 2000

Ocean @ Brickyard
October 21, 2000
Despite the lack of bodies (due to the enforced capacity restrictions), the Brickyard held a quality, rock show this past Saturday night as Ocean3 took the stage for a heavy performance.

First on the bill was The Old Ripper but we unfortunately didn't make it in time to catch them. Next up however was Strong Like Tractor who I've seen listed a lot never had a chance to hear. The band was founded by singer/ songwriter/guitarist, Lewis Tractor, in 1997 and it was obvious to the ear that these guys have put their time in.

Lewis's voice is strong and clear, making him sound like he's twice his size. Bassist, Mellow D. WoodheaD kept a steady groove and took the mic for "Satanic Mechanic." Willie Tractor played the drums like a heavy metal god. He too contributed his voice through out most of the set. Recent addition, Styles Technology on keyboard, filled the sound in a subtle way which kept the traditional rock/punk/heavy sound.

Bands that came to mind while I got into their sound, were Suicidal Tendencies and Mr. Bungle. Micky really liked all the alien content and that they sang about genetic food change in "Evil Science". SLT have two independent recorded albums. "The Savage Sound" and "Amazing New Psycho Prophecies." They have plans for a third album and a third cross Canada and Northwest, USA tour this spring. To find out more info on SLT see (Contact Promoter Gore Productions if you want to book this great punk band.)

Now, if you're wondering why this show is referred to as "Fingerblade" youll have to visit Unlike Micky, I liked this bass heavy, skaterock band. It did take a couple of songs to bring myself down from the funky punk beats of SLT, but once there I could feel the power surge. A guy beside me was amazed. He repeatedly said, "Pretty tight for a bunch of kids, eh!" Skaters filled the dance floor. Near the end of the show, elbows were flying. Fans describe the band to be like Korn. Heavy plodding sound? Yes. Like Korn? No. The Vocalist, Jay Mc Mahon was passionate but not a lot of range.

The sound was filled with two different guitar lines, from Jay Black and Dan Macclure. Having two guitars is prime, though I wish they would have used more effects. New member, Shane on drums, successfully played his second show with Ocean 3. The Bassist, Matt Warhurst played heavy bass lines and provided a strong foundation.

Ocean 3 has a self titled, four song demo, available at Zulu. They are about to start touring into Alberta with SNFU and Samiam, ending this tour in Vancouver with a show at the Piccadilly Pub, November 17. Ocean 3 have a full length CD and Video in the works and plan to tour across Canada this spring. *Micky & Mallory

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